Tuesday, 22 March 2011


3rd night as a tutor completed, after some not so flattering feedback about last week's class, (my first on my own), I gave it some thought and think that this week went much better. I look forward to receiving more feedback, so that I can identify areas to improve and strengthen my delivery.


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  2. Well done for taking the feedback as a positive. Feedback, for me, really questions the reasons for teaching the way I do, it makes me think about the effectiveness of the teaching strategies I selected, then I think about possible alternative teaching approaches and end up changing the activity or the entire lesson, always for the better though. Sounds like you have the right attitude and you're doing great, I look forward to hearing about your next lesson.

  3. I agree with Vivian, Gary. It is great that you have treated the feedback in a positive way. And I am sure you will have been able to improve your delivery because of this atitude. I look forward to seeing the evaluation from your learners after your last session this week.