Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Moving forward

As we near the end of this Reflect and Connect course, and with my first course as a Trainer/Assessor under my belt, I find that I am more determined than before to be the best possible Tutor that I can, assuring that my learners gain maximum benefit from what I am endeavouring to impart to them. I believe that by utilising and continually upgrading my knowledge of, and familiarity with, the tools, resources, support networks and knowledge that I have gained along this journey, I will be better equiped to achieve these goals. I said earlier in the course that it had been a head spin for me, but I realise now that it was more of an eye opener, and I have learned much about what is actually out there to help us and also the importance of honest self assessment and reflection.


  1. You have do fabulously Gary. Enjoy your future journey.

  2. Well done Gary...you have made a start and often that's the hardest thing to do.