Friday, 15 April 2011

My support networks

My support network starts with my partner and children who I know love, trust and believe in me, it extends as shown in the mind map below to friends, colleagues and my manager and coordinator, as well as various online groups and resource centres. To maintain and strengthern my support networks it is my intention to not only keep in touch with people and groups already in it, but to actively seek out further contacts and resources. Constantly striving to update and improve my knowledge through my support network .We can draw on these varied sources of support for love, trust and belief, as well as feedback, information and resources. They can be so intertwined that they are more and more an integral part of every day life in this modern technological world. With the release of new technology every day, I find myself turning more often than ever before to other people and resources for support


  1. Well Gary your support network is good. I agree that we will build on this area in our lives..

  2. Well said Gary! it is comforting when we reflect on our networks and know we have the support we need. We are all better practicioners with support,guidence and bit of wisdom.